Dozer : interview @ Hellfest 2014

Les nounours barbus suédois de DOZER cachent bien leur double-jeu ! Nous avons eu droit à une interview très posée et sincère, sous la treille d'une baraque en bois, avant de les voir partir enflammer la Valley à coup de riffs abrasifs, alternant subtilement avec des envolées planantes et veloutées. Le temps d'avoir envie de les suivre à Börlange, le paradis de la musique en Suède…

Interview in english :

Photos by Erik Bäckwall and Pär Jonsson, unless photos with the logo Dark Lodge.

Tommi Holappa: Hello, my name is Tommi Holappa.

Fredrik Nordin: My name is Fredrik Nordin and I sing and play guitar in DOZER.

Walkyrie : Is it the first time you come or play at Hellfest ?

Tommi: It is the first time at Hellfest, yeah. Dozer-Beyond-Logo-WhiteWalkyrie: You play later in the evening. Do you plan to see other bands ?

Tommi: Yeah ! There is a whole bounch of bands that I should see (laughs). Hopefully I'll have some time. Especially Soundgarden and Black Sabbath.

Walkyrie: I discover your music, DOZER, with the split you made with UNIDA in 1999. They play today too, on the same stage : do you plan to share on stage ? Any surprise planned ?….
Tommi: There's no plan like that. It would be fantasy 'cause we met with them last year at Desert Fest in Berlin and London. I haven't seen those guys since like in 1999 (laughs) ! So it'll be nice to meet again !

Walkyrie: There are many bands in Sweden that are famous and play stoner music. Can you explain that ?

Tommi: I don't know why it is like that. In Sweden it's not such a big scene actually. It's hard to get good shows. I think only bands that's doing good in Sweden like GRAVEYARD… but the rest is really really underground. PHOTOS_2014_06 309

Walkyrie: Sweden is a cradle for many popular pop or rock bands, death, black metal bands. Is it easy, when you're a teenager to learn music and form a band ?

Fredrik: Yes, it is. This is kind of easy, just to get together with some friends and play some music. We have many place that can be arranged. The government can even pay you.

Walkyrie: That makes me dream because in France it's not the same case. Often, Sweden is mentionned as a social paradise in Europe. It's also a music paradise !

Tommi: Yeah, what can I say. I have to agree with you !

Walkyrie: Is there any festival you'd like to promote to make people go to Sweden ?

Tommi: Ok, there is a really small stoner festival near our home town called KRÖKBACKEN Festival (Leksand, Sweden). It's only like 400-500 people with only swedish rock bands. That's a cool festival.

Fredrik: People who like avant-garde music, espacially stoner rock, they should go to KRÖKBACKEN Festival.

PHOTOS_2014_06 310Nikky: What is coming next for DOZER ? Will you continue touring after the HELLFEST ? Will you work on a new record maybe ?

Tommi: First of all, I think this year we've got 2 more shows to do. That's the only thing we'll do this year and next year, we have been talking about maybe doing a few news songs, write some new material. I don't think we will make a full-lenght maybe an EP other something but… we're not 100% sure. Let's see what happens… Hopefully we'll do something.

Nikky: Is it the way you work ? You've got a couple of ideas for songs and if it's enough for an EP, you produce an EP or if it's longer you produce a LP ?

Tommi: Yeah, we have a couple of ideas like Fredrik – was it last week ? – you send me an idea that you made at home and I add a couple of riffs. At the moment, I don't know how many songs we will make. Sometimes, a lot of songs come out and sometimes any…

Fredrik: We haven't done it in a while. Maybe we're a little constipated at the moment but maybe we'll get some kind of musical dairy soon. And if we get that, we will probably release an EP because it's not hard for us to get the idea down on a vinyle or.. what else is it called… a CD ! (laughs) We have all the connexions and back-ups supports.

Dozer-Promo-2008-3Tommi: I have a good feeling that people will get something next year to listen ?

Nikky: Do you prefer producing music on a vinyle support rather than on a CD ?

Fredrik: Both ! Digital only as well. We are originally vinyle supporters.

Tommi: We support anything that people can listen to.

Fredrik: Exactly. Just if we can catch them like we catch fishes… (laughs)

Tommi: Of course the sound is better on vinyle

Nikky : Are there some good places in Sweden to record in analog ?

Tommi: Yes, there's a whole bounch of good studios in Sweden, pretty much everywhere but it costs a lot of money in the best ones !

Fredrik: We can't really afford to record analog to be honest ! it's quite expensive. We have on record on vinyle.

Nikky: In your influences, you mention BLACK SABBATH as one main influence. Were you happy when they produced a new album and announced that they'll be touring ?

Tommi: Of course ! Last year, they played in Stockholm and it was a good show, even though Ozzy's getting old but still

Nikky: Maybe one last question : are there some other bands from Börlange, the town you come from, that needed to kill their boredom as you used, when you were younger ?

Dozer-Promo-2008-4Tommi: Actually, for small town like Börlange, and there's a lot of bands coming from Börlange, a lot of pop bands like MANDO DIAO, but also a lot of metal band. For me, Börlange is kind of a capital of music. A lot of power metalbands…

Walkyrie:In 3 words, what do you wish for the audience, tonight ?

Fredrik: Entertainment = EN-TER-TAINMENT 3 words !!!

Tommi: Happiness, I want them to go away with the smile.

Fredrik : and that they feel exhausted ! AHAHAH !

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